About Us

Girotondo is inspired by a deep love for children, the kind of love that makes you stop on the road to look at a baby or that makes you smile when you see a face smudged with ice cream… With the eyes turned to many children and babies, twenty-two years ago we embarked on this difficult and exciting sector. We have always tried to be in step with the times combining taste and research, with the aim of adapting the supply to the needs of the mothers in a society that has completely changed over this period of time. Over the years, we changed our location in order to be in the heart of Capri town center, closer to all our children: to those who live on our beautiful island and those who come for a few day visit. We try to offer our customers a product for every need: children go to school… they need something comfortable, children participate in the birthday party of their best friend… they want to be nice. There are times in which they want to look like others and times in which they want to distinguish themselves from others… and we always try to please them and their mothers. This is and will always be the spirit underlying the relations with our customers.